What Deep Learning Means For Marketing

Posted By Michael Wall ⋅ October 11, 2017

The application of big data is enabling us to reveal deeper marketing insights all the time. Whether it’s open data revealing predictive patterns in consumer behaviour or hyper-personalisation creating a bespoke online shopping experience, big data in action is revolutionising the way we gather and act on business intelligence. This in-depth data insight is made… Continue reading →

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WALLEHow Companies Are Embracing AI

Posted By Michael Wall ⋅ August 23, 2017

Think of AI and Hollywood depictions such as those in I-Robot, Westworld or Her may come to mind. But what many may not realise is that AI is already being used in several recognisable forms today. What’s more, its applications for the commercial world are predicted by many digital experts to be the next technological… Continue reading →

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ChatbotThe Chatbot Revolution

Posted By Michael Wall ⋅ March 2, 2017

In 2016, experts loudly professed that the next big thing to turbocharge your marketing was to use chatbots. This suggests that 2017 will see experts questioning and pulling apart such forecasts, with a return to a more level-headed realistic evaluation of what they can provide in 2018. For now, though, we are still in the… Continue reading →

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